When  I have an idea, more often than not there’s an element in the process of doing that is in some way uncontrollable. This can be the wind gushing through a cloth being filmed, or ripping parts of paper of a collage, or leaving out a script for the ‘actor’ (so the ‘actor’, or better: participant, gets to act and react more on his own free will) or filming an object during a day when the clouds and the sun are shifting in short amounts of time. All these elements are doing their own job in some way or another, where as I can stand by to see what happens, to catch fragments of presence – estranged but recognizable in some way or another.

dichtbij en ver weg tegelijkertijd

When I’m working on a painting, I act and react. It’s a subconscious intuition kind of thing – things unfold. It’s the same way with film: I can have an idea or image floating somewhere through the mind.. but when it’s in front, it’s the opposite of a fixed image – it’s changing constantly. If a certain image or movement doesn’t work, I adjust it. Changing constantly, until it clicks. When specifically talking about film, this catching is done in the process of doing, as well as in the montage.

While floating in moments of process,
doors will open to all kinds of alleys
sudden accidental things happen
which I could never thought of before hand.

I look around, catching fragments of conversation among images who seem to know each other, glancing in each other’s directions because at the same time they’re new. Everything is different except one another.


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