David Wasch (Amsterdam, 1987) graduated in 2013 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy as a multi-disciplinary artist, investigating the position and meaning of painting in relation to the technical and intrinsic aspects of collage. Because of his graduation work he was nominated for the Young Blood Award 2013. In 2016 he started at the Master of Film Acadamy in Amsterdam. Wasch’s research projects during the master revolved around the meaning of framing in relation to the position of the spectator. What conditions shape our view? How do we construct an image or reality and when do we make it our own? When is our position changing reality, and when is reality changing our position?

When a person disappears off-frame, he doesn’t fall off the screen, but disappears in time.

In 2018 he graduated with a physical installation ‘Inside nature, Outside the square’, as well as an online project: *
*website out of order

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Curriculum vitae

2016 – 2018  Graduated in Master of Film at the Amsterdam Film Acadamy, Amsterdam

2009 – 2013  Graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

2012 Exchange to Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe, professor: Toon Verhoef

2018 until today @ BAP woon- werk vereniging
2020 until today in the board of BAP woon- werk vereniging as Treasurer

2020 Project DUS, video installation, Playtime #2
2019 NDSM loods, audio visual installation: A day in a life, a life in a day.
2018 EYE filmmuseum, audio visual installation: Inside nature, Outside
the square, Amsterdam
2017 Kriterion, video installation: a potential still to be filmed, Amsterdam
2016 Kriterion – Audio collage (in collaboration with Joppe Harinck), Amsterdam
2015 TOON – Art night, Amsterdam
2015 Galerie Bart invites – Platform Platvorm: Show what you want, Amsterdam
2015 get FED ART fair, Arnhem
2015 Galerie Tuur – Grenzeloos, Venlo
2015 Open Ateliers Centrum Oost, Amsterdam
2014 MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artistico, Almeria (Spain) – Borderbody Mixing Identities
2014 Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Bari (Italy) – Borderbody Mixing Identities
2014 EYE film institute, Amsterdam – Fragmentation and Feedback Loops – in collaboration with Harpo ’t Hart
2014 OT301, Amsterdam – ReVersed Poetry Film Festival
2013 Studio – Intermittence (part2), Amsterdam
2013 Filmtheater Kriterion – Intermittence (part1), Amsterdam
2013  De Ruimte, Amsterdam – Shmestafette
2013  Art warehouse, Rotterdam – Blown Away – in collaboration with Harpo ’t Hart
2013 PAK Gistel, Belgium – CONCORDIA wedstrijd voor jong talent
2013 KANTOR, Amsterdam – A Music, Performance and Art Weekend – in collaboration with Harpo ’t Hart
2013 Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam – ‘Best of Graduates 2013′
Nominated for the Young Blood Award 2013
2013 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam – Graduation show 2013
2013 De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam – Beyond Babylon
2012 Retort Art Space, Amsterdam – 6 People, 5 Canvases.. Dialogue –
2012 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe – Sommerausstellung
2012 De Kring, Amsterdam – Kunstruilgroepsexpositie
2011 Heesterveld, Amsterdam – Storage space exhibition #2
2011 Heesterveld, Amsterdam – Storage space exhibition #1
2011 De Balie, Amsterdam – Generatie IK
2010 Basisburo, Amsterdam – Sound and space
2010 Kriterion, Amsterdam – Premiere Exit Through The Giftshop
2009 De Oude Kerk, IJmuiden

2013 Pup Magazine, David Wasch for Stedelijk Museum

2014 Drawings for Het Land 32, by Daan Heerma van Voss, Publisher: De Bezige Bij

2013 Drawings for De Vergeting, by Daan Heerma van Voss, Publisher: De Bezige Bij

2013 Presentation about my visual proces @ Ignite #29 (Mediametic) (link)

Part time
2009 until 2018 – Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam
Bartender, Operator and Occasional Programmer of the ‘Moderne Klassiekers’ (Modern Classics).
Board member, Treasurer
Founder and Curator of the young artist exhibition @ Kriterion – link
Coördinator of a 60 meter street painting – link
Coördinator new Interior design
Coördinator Graphic Design

2010 – 2012  Illustrator Hard / Hoofd
2010 – 2011  Illustrator VPRO Dorst

Interview International ArtExpo Itsliquid (link)

AT5 RietveldTV (link)
Stadsschouwburg-salon review (ssba-salon) (link)
Kunstbeeld beeldverslag: Lichting 2013: Gerrit Rietveld Academie (link)
Metropolis M, Rietveld Graduation Show (link)
Vice: Een passage uit De Vergeting (link)
Metropolis M, Graduation Shows 2018: NFA Artistic Research In and Through Cinema (link)