The Practice

When I have an idea, more often than not there’s an element in the process of doing that is in some way uncontrollable. This can be; the wind gushing through a cloth being filmed; ripping and finding parts of paper for a collage or leaving out a script. All these elements are doing their own job in some way or another, where as I can stand by to catch images that are in some way strange and recognizable at the same time and start raising questions.

When I’m working on a painting, I act and react between the material and my surroundings. It’s partly a subconscious intuition kind of thing – things unfold. I can have an idea or image floating somewhere through the mind.. Changing constantly, until it clicks.

When I work with video, this catching is done in the moment of seeing and documenting the reality in front of the camera. I use the camera as a notebook or a diary and afterwards I start cutting up, shifting around and juxtaposing the moving images until the images start speaking to each other.

external link video

Video archive/pre-material for installation Inside nature, Outside the square

Pictures of the practice in the studio

experimentation with transparant sheets

Paper frame #2

Paper frame #1