When I have an idea, more often than not there’s an element in the process of doing that is in some way uncontrollable. This can be the wind gushing through a cloth that is being filmed; ripping and finding parts of paper for a collage or leaving out a script. All these elements are doing their own job in some way or another, where as I can stand by to catch images that are in some way strange and recognizable at the same time and start raising questions.

In case of I love fishing, this catching is done in the moment of seeing and documenting the unscripted reality in front of the camera. Everything you see and hear happened within one afternoon. The voices in the back (also subtitled) are a conversation coming from two fisherman that happened to be fishing a few meters away from the camera. The content of their conversation in relation to what happens in front of the camera becomes a strange but familiar dialogue between the casualty and absurdity of daily life situations.