Why do we perceive things when they are actually not there?

One of my ‘Video-Diorama’ pieces Thirteen Stories came to mind when I was thinking about the structure of traditional narrative time-based cinema in relation to the material structure of a flipbook or a shoe-box diorama (Diorama in Greek means: through a sight to be seen).

In traditional narrative time-based cinema the frame confines, excludes and centers, but at the same time there are narrative codes invented that seem to make us forget this. When a person disappears off-frame, he doesn’t fall off the screen, but disappears in time.

In my exploration of cinema in relation to the frame I am dealing with different technicalities than those of the traditional narrative time-based cinema. Thirteen Stories is a conceptual experiment on the properties of the frame in relation to (in)visibility, absence-presence, being hidden, and how these states may transform into each other, shift, or change positions. In case of Thirteen Stories, I try to to emphasize on the continuation of a thought outside the borders of a frame (formaly as well as conceptually).

The frame becomes a device that emphasizes on its own borders and what is in between – its spatiality, so the spectator can actively participate to create his/her own view on the reality and content of the image in front.

Thirteen stories helps me think about what happens in the brain (our memory in relation to the act of looking). It reminds me of how we puzzle pieces of a reality together. To make that reality our own or to eventually create our own reality. The sculptural body of Thirteen Stories determines our rhythm of looking and what we see. It is an invitation to construct. You can take a distance and look at all the pieces together or get closer to look at the images solely and to see how every frame builds up to the total image.

Example of Thirteen Stories as a work in progress in studio

external link video

I am curious to how the world is framed, rather than to what is contained within that frame.

There are a variety of videos that are looping inside a video diorama (like Thirteen Stories). Each one connecting in different ways to its external body.

on the left: Thirteen Stories. In the middle: Playtime. On the right: Landscape