Research publication
The website is an ongoing practice which functions on one hand as an on-growing archive and on the other as a tool to navigate through the different structures of my research. Each sub page has its own way of ordering and therefore his own way of seeing.
My research questions the boundaries of the image in relation to the spectator. When does our position change reality and when does reality change our position? How do we construct a reality and when do we make it our own? My research is an ongoing play between the material and the immaterial image – the physical object and the mind. When a person disappears off-frame, he doesn’t fall off the screen, but disappears in time.
I see the image as a tool and a mirror to navigate through different ways of understanding. It is by framing things differently – by imagining other possible analogies and other ways of translating analogies from case to case – that we break the bounds of closed ideas that narrowly circumscribe what we allow to be possible. The continuously transforming play within my research is not to find meaning, but rather to see the movement of meaning.
Within my research I float from experiment to experiment and from question to question. I move through different types of media like photography, video, drawing and writing and use their materiality as vehicles of translation. Through my research I explore the ideas of framing, positioning and spectatorship as tools of material experimentation as well as existential subject matter. The experiments are a play between the image and the spectator. By breaking up the image in different frames, the spectator has the possibility to change position and to see things differently.